Huffington Post, November 10, 2008

Barack Obama is now the face of the United States — the photograph we will see when we go through customs at JFK airport, or when we go to any U.S. Embassy on earth. The impact of this image, particularly at first, will be subtle, but immeasurable and its iconographic significance is multi-layered. He might refer to himself self-deprecatingly as a “mutt,” but he is in effect, Globalized Man. With parts coming from all around the earth, including Africa and Ireland, passing through Asia on the way back to America, our new President now seems inevitable — this is the way the world is in 2008. But perhaps of even larger importance is that the leader of the world’s greatest democracy was a professor of constitutional law and above all, a teacher. The Constitution — as in, the foundation of any functioning democracy — is his area of expertise. As such, he embodies the best possible argument for democracy at a time when the world needs it most and our country could benefit from, as Bill Clinton put it, the “power of example” rather than the “example of power.”  Read article here

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