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Watch out for the Men

Town & Country September 2011, Social Graces 

“Watch out for the men,” the travel agent cautioned before I left for Greece.  I was 12 and already five-foot-nine, with all the curves of a tent pole.  It was first ever trip to Europe.  And as my mother and I shopped for a gold charm on Crete, a passing man called out, “How much for you and your sister?”  My mother thought it was hilarious.  I was thoroughly repulsed.

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 Town & Country, November 2011

My article on the fascinating Patricia Kluge and the Trump family’s controversial purchase of her Virginia winery is in the November issue of Town & Country. My reporting included a trip on the Trump helicopter with Eric, who now runs the vineyard.

In the foyer of the model home she now rents, on the edge of 1200-acre Charlottesville estate she once owned, Patricia Kluge yanks off muddy Wellies and slips on a pair of black Belgian loafers. Her dogs shuffle underfoot, angling for a belly rub. Kluge is still stunning at 63, and her green eyes give frequent sparks indicating amusement or impatience, especially in the presence of a journalist. “Everything about me has been said before,” she says, with a wary glance. “And not always correctly.

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