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Small Breasts

Easy Living UK, March 2011

I have always had small breasts, and was generally content with them.  Over recent years, though, at every cocktail party, some woman who used to be as mammarily challenged as I suddenly appeared with a firm new pair, and a visible preference for snug tops.  I found myself increasingly abandoned on a flat-chested desert island with the few remaining oddballs who stubbornly refused to go under the knife.  I began to think, am I crazy?

Do I really want to go through life as a flat facsimile of a woman?  How lovely it would be if, for once, words like ‘curvy’, ’voluptuous’, or ‘shapely’ could pertain to me.  This  could be an easy fix.

Instead, I made peace with my breasts.

The fact is, that life is stacked against the small-breasted these days. Walk into any lingerie emporium, and if they don’t laugh you out of there, they insult you with the consolation prize. Many stores do not even carry small-cupped bras, and if they do, they are unsexy, seamless, elasticized little numbers. Recently, I ordered some bras online – balconnet style, the kind I used to buy in France when most women in the world still had their own breasts, and many of them were small.

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